PHcreditcheck gives a complete profile that credit, lending and financing companies can use as a reference before they act on an applicant's loan.

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About the Borrower Profile

PHcreditcheck provides comprehensive profiles of people with liability. This profile includes the person’s name, the lending company he or she owes money to, how much money is owed, the age of the loan, the outstanding balance and other remarks. Our members can view the profile in full while guests can only see limited information due to privacy and security issues.

Member companies and non-members of PHcreditcheck can report a person with liability in our website. Simply click on the 'Yes, I would like to report' button above and give us your contact information and the details of your report so that our members will be forewarned about this person.

If you have settled your debts with the credit, lending or financing company and your name still appears on our list, you can send a request to take out your name from our database. Just click on the 'Please remove my name' button and type in your contact information and leave a message in the message box. If you have any more questions, please refer to our FAQ.

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