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PHcreditcheck is a community resource website for credit, lending and financing companies in the Philippines. Our website currently contains accurate profiles and credit information of declined loan applicants and delinquent borrowers. Eventually, our database will include profiles of individuals who do not pay their bills as well as those with ongoing or pending money-related cases, the latter of which will be obtained through court records. Consider us your ally in lending and financial services— through our database, we can help you make an informed decision when it comes to approving loans.

We at PHcreditcheck uphold transparency and value privacy, and this is why members have exclusive access to sensitive information found in our website. We encourage everyone in the credit, lending and financing community to be a member of PHcreditcheck and share their information with other community members so all of you can avoid falling prey to people who run away from debts and other financial obligations.

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PHcreditcheck is the first website in the Philippines that serves as a community resource for all credit, lending and financing companies in the country. Consider us the ultimate source for complete profiles and accurate credit information of declined loan applicants and delinquent borrowers. Soon we will also feature profiles of individuals with unsettled financial obligations and of those involved in moneyrelated cases.


By signing up with PHcreditcheck, credit, lending and financing companies get the chance to view profiles and credit information of declined loan applicants and delinquent borrowers, among others. Member companies can view and browse as well as encode and share their own profiles. Hence, any member company performing a credit investigation can save time and resources because by simply checking the database, it will easily find out if the person qualifies for a loan or not.


PHcreditcheck was made for all companies in the Philippines that offer loans or credit to individuals and businesses. We created our database with credit, lending and financing companies in mind. We want to make it easier for all these institutions to conveniently screen their loan applicants in the shortest time possible. Soon, we will allow membership of companies that have customers who fail to pay their bills and other financial obligations.


When you become part of the PHcreditcheck community, you get the opportunity to protect yourself from individuals who do not honor their debts and others who fail to settle their financial obligations. With the information you will get from our website, you can be safe from persons who could cause you financial trouble.

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