PHcreditcheck is the first website in the Philippines that serves as a community resource for all credit, lending and financing companies in the country. Our website is a database that features profiles of delinquent borrowers, as well as individuals with declined loan applications. Later on, we will also include profiles of people who have not paid their utility bills and mortgages as well as those of individuals who are involved in pending and ongoing money-related cases. Unlike other profiles which are uploaded by members, profiles of those involved in money cases will be gathered from various courts.

We aim to be the ally of all credit, lending and financing companies that have had to deal with delinquent borrowers. Eventually, we would like to extend our help to other institutions with financially neglectful clients. We seek not only to help identify declined loan applicants and find runaway debtors but also allow the companies to screen their loan applicants faster and easier.

While we at PHcreditcheck wish to protect Philippine credit, lending and financing companies and other firms from people who fail to settle their debts and other financial obligations by sharing information, we also respect and value the privacy of the individuals faced with monetary concerns. This is the reason non-members will not be able to access all information found on our website. Only members can view the complete profiles and see all the credit information available.

It is important to note that not everyone who signs up with PHcreditcheck becomes a member. We have a team in charge of evaluating each account for authenticity. Because our members provide most of the profiles found in our database, we have to ensure that a legitimate source is behind the account. Account verification is the best way we can guarantee that the PHcreditcheck community receives only accurate information. Only when an account has been verified as legitimate can a company become a member.

Member Companies