By signing up with PHcreditcheck, credit, lending and financing companies get the chance to view profiles and credit information of declined loan applicants and delinquent borrowers, among others. Member companies can view and browse as well as encode and share their own profiles. Hence, any member company performing a credit investigation can save time and resources because by simply checking the database, it will easily find out if the person qualifies for a loan or not.

What to Do

1. Sign up with PHcreditcheck. After you register, our in-house team will check your registration. Once your account has been verified as legitimate, you will be able to access all borrower profiles found on our website. Registration with PHcreditcheck is free.

2. After you become a member, you will be able to use all the available information on PHcreditcheck for credit investigation. The profiles found on our database are not only those of people who are considered delinquent by lenders, financing firms and banks. We also have profiles of individuals with declined loan applications and money-related cases filed against them in courts. Basically, we allow you to avoid those who would pose a problem for your organization.

3. You have the option to upload the profiles of the people who have taken out a loan from your company but have not repaid. By uploading the information of your company's delinquent borrowers, you can help other financial institutions determine who the untrustworthy debtors are. You can also post the profiles of individuals who were deemed ineligible for a loan by your company to help other lenders decide on loan applications faster.

Member Companies